Welcome to the Pupil and Parent support team

Mrs J Mountain

Parent Support Advisor

Safeguarding Officer

Attandance Officer

Mrs A Murray

Pastoral Lead

Thrive Practitioner


We aim to help parents and carers to get involved in their children’s learning and can help to build working relationships between home and school. This support is proven to help with behaviour and attendance issues and builds a school community that is trusting, healthier and happier.


We work with children on a 1-1 basis, supporting them over difficult periods in their life with the aim of maximising their potential to achieve well in school. We offer support around behaviour, health, personal, social and emotional development.


Our role also includes providing information to parents about the school and local services which may be of help, including those provided by education, social care, youth justice, childcare providers and the voluntary sector.


We are here to help, if you have worries or concerns regarding your children in school, or just life in general, come and speak to either Jane Mountain or Ann Murray or ring 01302 535906, because if we can’t help we will know of somebody who can!