Hawthorn Primary School Policy Documents/Guidance


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School Admissions

DfE Admissions Advice For Parents.pdf
Nursery Booklet 2022-23.pdf
Nursery Admissions 2022-2023.pdf
Primary Booklet 2022-23.pdf
EMAT Admissions 2022-23.pdf
Guidance Deferred Entry For The Admission Of Summer Born Children.pdf
Doncaster Council Deferred Admission Request Form.pdf

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Special Educational Needs and Disabilites - DfE Guide for parents.pdf
SN01 Policy SEND 2022-23.pdf
SN02 SEN Information Report Sept 2022.pdf
SN03 Policy Access Policy and Plan 2022-2025.pdf


SG01 Safeguarding Policy.pdf
SG21 Expectations of staff when working with children.pdf
Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022 Part 1.pdf
BE03 Policy Anti-Bullying.pdf
BE04 Policy Anti Bullying leaflet for parents.pdf
BE06 Policy Cyberbullying.pdf

Positive Relationships & Behaviour

BE01 Policy Positive Relationships and Behaviour.pdf
BE02 Policy Positive Relationships and Behaviour - Guide for Parents.pdf
DfE Behaviour in School Guidance July 2022.pdf
IP05 Parent Partnership Policy.pdf
ST11 Policy Pupil and Parent Voice.pdf

Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education / Relationships & Sex Education

CU14 PSHE Policy.pdf
CU14d RSE Policy.pdf
CU14a Jigsaw-Information-Leaflet-for-Parents-and-Carers-2020.pdf
CU14b Jigsaw RHSE A-Guide-for-Parents-and-Carers.pdf
CU14c Jigsaw-LGBT-Parent-Leaflet-A4.pdf

Health & Well-being

EY07 Policy Early Years Intimate Care.pdf
SG05 Policy Intimate Care.pdf
SM02 Policy Administering Medicines.pdf
PW17 Head Lice Policy.pdf
Headlice Advice.pdf

School Uniform

PW06 School Uniform Policy.pdf

Trust Policies

HS01 Policy EMAT Health and Safety.pdf
GDPR Privacy Statement.pdf
GDPR Retention Schedule.pdf
HR14 Modern Slavery Statement.pdf
HR13 Modern Slavery Policy.pdf
HR11 Single Equality Policy.pdf
FI06 Charging and Remission Policy.pdf

Adult Behaviour Expectations & Social Media Expectations

SG06 Policy Adult Behaviour on Premises.pdf
SG07 Letter - Adult behaviour on Premises.pdf
SG08 Letter re barring from Premises.pdf
TE02 Parents Use of Social Media letter.pdf
TE01 Policy Parent Social Media Code of Conduct.pdf

Trust Complaints Policies

Trust Complaints Procedure Autumn 21.pdf
EMAT Vexatious-Complaints-Policy Nov 2020.pdf